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Gameena Uses games Dubai Avatar
Gameena Uses games Dubai
Created by gameena on Jul, 2 2020 with 1 Members

A Gaming community market and platform which brings together millions of private buyers and sellers from all around the UAE, Gameena is one of the most active shoppers in the UAE – including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman, and Ra's al-Khaimah. Quality, new & used/Pre-owned products are available in different categories from consoles, games, controllers, Nintendo switches, PS5, Ps4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ps3, Ps2 and Psvita to PSP.

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Created by alexjohnson14 on May, 20 2020 with 1 Members

home tutor . if you need any home tutor you can join this group

Dome Tent suppliers Avatar
Dome Tent suppliers
Created by fish83a on Apr, 10 2020 with 1 Members Air Dome Air dome (also called inflatable dome or air supported structure) is one kind of building system which was formed from one or more layers of continuous flexible membrane anchored to the ground or to a wall, inflated and supported by pressurized air. Comparing with the traditional buildings, the Airbrother Air Dome has the below features: • Long-span space and light weight. The dead weight of the film is lower than 3kgs/m2. With no beam or pillar, the supporting comes from air pressure. It can reach more than 100 meters long-span easily, the maximum is 150 meters. Traditional building can not achieve this. Due to the special structure, the force towards up when there is a wind load. It is also workable even add another layer onto the roof. This will make the existing building area more effectively used. • Lower cost. The film is cheaper. Double layer film is about 30% less cost than the traditional light construction composite insulation board, but only 30% more cost than single layer film. Due to the light weight only 1/30 of normal steel, the cost of wall and foundation is also lower. • Higher energy-efficient and green building. PVDF coating film is the best energy-efficient and environment friendly due to best heat reflectance and heat transfer. With air thermal insulation system, energy consumption is only 1/10-1/4 of traditional buildings, it leads to more than 80% energy saving. Standard accessories: 1. Door tunnel or revolution door. 2. Safety door. 3. Center pressure control system and air supply system. 4. Illumination system. 5. Anchoring system. Qingdao Airbrother develop and manufacturer this PVDF air dome from 2008, we have several patents on this. If you are interested in this product and would like to know more details, please feel free to contact with us. Expecting for your contacting!Dome Tent suppliers website:

Customized C-TPAT Seal manufacturers Avatar
Customized C-TPAT Seal manufacturers
Created by fish83a on Apr, 10 2020 with 1 Members Shanghai Xinfan Industrial Corporation is cable tie manufacturer and trader in China, specialized in the research, development and production of nylon cable tie. 1)Material: 100% Nylon 6/6 2)A wide range of sizes available, width from 2.5mm to 12.7mm, length ranging from 100mm to 1000mm 3)Available in a multiple of colors for easy identification, like clear, white, black, blue, red, yellow, orange, green, gray, etc. 4)Available with UV resistance 5)Tensile strength from 18lbs to 250lbs 6)1000pcs per bag cable tie nylon cable tie indicative cable tie Applications: Nylon ties are used to fasten or fix of the objects, like bags, cables, electronic wires, and other objects in place. They're regularly used in offices, households, manufacturing industries, transportation industries, automobile industries, marine industries, electronic industries, etc. Shanghai Xinfan Industrial Corporation, estabilished in 1984, is one of the biggest suppliers of indicative cable tie in China. Our company is headquartered in Shanghai with brance offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. Based on Chinese mainland, we have formed a professional marketing network covering the globe. Our product are used by more than 100 countries and over 2500 customers, including Fortune 500 companies worldwide, such as shipping industry, airline, courier company, postal industry, chemical industry, supermarkets and chain stores, warehouse logistic industry, manufacturing and so on. cable tie manufacture nylon cable tie suppliers indicative cable tie factory Welcome to buy the top quality custom nylon ties for bags, cables and other fasterning security with competitive price from us. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers that you can trust. We will offer you good after-sale service and fast delivery. Customized C-TPAT Seal manufacturers website:

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hydraulic intensifier manufacturers
Created by fish83a on Apr, 10 2020 with 1 Members KMT PRO 90k psi intensifier ultra high pressure pump for water jet machine To support higher demand and efficiency cutting, Teenking offers KMT PRO series pump for abrasive water jet cutting machine as option. This 90k psi/6200 bar waterjet pump is excellent in productivity and efficiency, about 30% to 40% higher compared with 60k psi pump. Both 60HP and 125HP are available for PRO series pump, able to support single or multiple cutting heads. 125HP pump delivers double power for cutting, effectively reducing cutting time to half compared with 60k psi/100HP pump. The perfect design intensifier pump can support single and multiple head cutting for fine parts with high accuracy demand. Looking for cost-effective high-end kmt pro 90k psi intensifier ultra high pressure pump for water jet machine? Contact Teenking CNC now, which is one of the professional manufacturers in China who is equipped with skillful personnel and advanced equipment. We also deal with customized business to make customers 100% satisfied. Welcome to get our high precision products at competitive price. hydraulic intensifier manufacturers website:

c5 resin price Avatar
c5 resin price
Created by fish83a on Apr, 10 2020 with 1 Members Puyang Shenghong Chemical Co., Ltd ---setting the standards since 1996 As a professional C5, C9 Hydrocarbon Resin Manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to the highest quality and service. We specialize in the supply of high quality raw materials and intermediates for a wide range of the Chemical Industry. The production capacity of C5 Aliphatic petroleum resin and C9 Aromatic petroleum resin is more than 30,000MT totally per year, C5/C9 copolymerized resin with an annual production capacity of 10,000MT per year. For more information, please feel free to browse the site, or contact us. Either via our website, by email, or call 86-393-6630858.c5 resin price website: website2:

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buy Rubber Covers
Created by fish83a on Apr, 10 2020 with 1 Members Silicone is environmentally friendly non-toxic. We can design and produce silicone end caps according to your drawings or samples. As one of the leading rubber products manufacturers and suppliers in China, Qianlang now brings you quality and durable silicone end caps/lid made in China. Providing you with customized service, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our rubber products and check the quotation with Rubber Covers website:

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wholesale Halal 15g Jelly
Created by fish83a on Apr, 10 2020 with 1 Members General Situation Of Litai NANTONG LITAI JIANLONG FOOD CO., LTD. (LITAFOOD) was founded in May, 2009 and located in Chang Jiang Zhi Gu Technopark, Gang Zha Area, Nantong City. We are a Taiwan-owned enterprise and can freely import & export goods. Currently we have 4 factories in China, which brings the industrial leading R & D and production equipments together. NANTONG JIANLONG FOOD CO., LTD. & JIANGSU WINNIE FOOD CO., LTD. are 2 professional Jelly & Pudding Manufacturers. NANTONG RED ANTS PAPER & PLASTIC PACKAGING CO., LTD. & Lele Brother Toys Limited., are 2 professional Toys and Packaging Material Manufacturers. In addition, all our factories are ISO, HACCP and other international quality certification certified. LITAFOOD has different kinds of products to meet your requirements. Our products include: Fruit Jelly & Pudding, Jelly Drink, Jelly Candy, Real Fruit Cup, Chocolate Biscuit Cups etc. We focus on Food Quality and Safety Controlling, and looking forward to meet and exceed the expectations of consumers, to strengthen the leading our brand in the confectionery industry worldwide. Based on our professional design team, LITAFOOD is developing new products to lead the market every year. We will continue the professional development service-oriented strategies, non-stop innovative market-leading technical services, product diversification, and upward integration combining with equipment to be the Leader in food manufacturers. LITAFOOD will keep holding the principle of " Pursuit of Excellence " business philosophy. We would use our professional & systematic manner, continuous research, development & innovation, advanced equipment, and strict quality control to provide customers with the most valuable products and get the unique market position. With delicious, safe, secure to satisfy our consumers and wake up your precipitated taste buds and colorful your silent taste life. Let’s get a wonderful future together! wholesale Halal 15g Jelly website: